The Kiwi!

Since I was a child I used to jokingly act as a fan of New Zealand, a boot-shaped nation right at the antipodes of my boot-shaped Italy, so a video titled “Kiwi!” is already very enticing to me.

But here’s a lot more than just a video about a kiwi. Watch this wee delicious animation, realized by a student, and you can understand how nowadays, if you have a brilliant idea, you just add talent and sweat and you can come up with an international success, without the need to be part of the right circle, supported by the right guys. Nor you need to be bothered by the latest trend/fad, or about what sells well with the general public.

This is just another opportunity to appreciate the transformation caused by the long tail. Many little content niches, with a limited, self-selected audience. The efficiency of the web is nurturing clever ideas, allowing value to emerge on its own merits.

This video won the 2006 Youtube Video Award for the Most Adorable Cartoon Animation. Enjoy.

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