Pray for Syria

Effects of war in Syria

Destroyed buildings, Daraya, near Damascus, December 10, 2012. (Reuters/Kenan Al-Derani/Shaam News Network)

Someone once said that democracies are the best choice to guarantee peace and stability, because freely elected public officials couldn’t possibly go against the Will of the People. And people in general do want peace.

I bought it then.

But now we are facing a dire reality: they start wars without reason, against everybody’s interests. Voters don’t matter anyway. And even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to understand the issues and make an informed choice, so it’s moot.

Let’s go then. Merrily going with the flow.
(Whatever nowadays passes as) political leaders are always eager to ride the last wave of inevitable, recommended and proper (but ultimately woefully wrong) choices.

They feel that makes them into statesmen.

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  1. Alessandro Grasso

    I wrote this wee note immediately before leaving for a Holy Land pilgrimage. At the time a US-led military attack on nearing Syria seemed imminent.
    They called it off at the last minute; probably the main reason for this change of heart was the risk and loss implied by a confrontation with a formidable enemy such as the Russian Army, deployed to defend Assad’s regime.
    How reckless and wretched is this West supporting “moderate rebels” against Assad!?! Moderate, yeah, right!

    Meanwhile in Syria people continue to suffer and die, while Christians have been banished…

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