A new beginning

cat pushing a watermelon

A furry Sisyphus

Ok, I’m determined to develop this blog properly, and this time it’s for real.
It stayed put as a stealth website for years, semi-abandoned and without publicity, needing a layout overhaul and shamelessly sporting outdated code. Mea culpa.
Such a long time…
An example to put things in perspective: I chose the domain blumudus.net instead of the obvious blumudus.com, but I cannot even remember why. (From now on the .net redirects to the English version website.)

World events are now unfolding rapidly (and I wasted enough time already): Erdogan’s Turkey is completing a transition into a full fledged dictatorship, Islamic terror attacks are becoming ever more frequent, not to mention we’ve got the imminent US Presidential Election to comment on…
On the background of all those events, a momentous global crisis. A new mass migration, a Catholic Church on the brink of a schism, a looming economic crisis, plus free thinking people caught between the clash of civilizations and the subtle dictatorship of a decadent revolutionary culture (a culture, to make myself clear, that says no to GMOs, yes to putting men in ladies’ rooms, no to freedom of speak for specific target groups, yes to abortion and euthanasia, and so on).

Remember Top Gun, the movie? I have a vivid memory of me spending 5 interminable minutes (mentally) yelling at a young Tom Cruise because, while the air battle was raging, he was casually flying about on his own without engaging the enemy, lost in his train of thoughts, chasing the phantoms of the past.
But then I spent the subsequent 30 years putting that very same attitude into practice in real life!
Ok, it’s on. I’ll get to the fight using a colander as a helmet, like a comic book character does. Let’s roll!
Blumudus, beloved teddy bear, watch my six! :-)

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