Idea: turbocharging homeopathy

drop of water

Now you are thirsty.

Wait! I just realized I invented a Homeopathy Power-up!

Today’s homeopathic remedies are still burdened by this annoying problem… you know that undesired aftertaste of dinosaur and cyanobacteria… stuff that our water has carried within itself for millennia!

You don’t want that to spoil your mood or appetite.


Your average water dose remembers too many things and you run the risk of receiving the wrong cure. Say you wanted a powerful, high-dilution arsenic potion, but for some reason your water was instead reminiscing about that occasion when it went to a mineral spa.

Or maybe you put your hands on a Berlin Wall homeopathic pill (I’m not making this up!) but the darn pill brings you the unique properties of Calcutta Sewers.

That’s why sometimes the allopathic practitioners insist homeopathy didn’t work in a specific situation! Those skeptics!


OK, time for my Big Idea. A reset button for water!
The hard part is doing the first step. We need a small sealed sample from a comet, collected in space. It’s crucial to prevent it from coming in contact with the atmosphere.
That sample of comet matter enjoyed the luxury of strolling around the Universe for millions of years, literally doing nothing.
We should take a drop of water from there and apply the usual procedure for preparing homeopathic remedies.
A vial of generic water, still burdened with confused memories, is mixed up with a drop of the purest water ever: the Comet Water®.

Then, after the necessary vigorous shake, it will learn, from its special space cousin, from its precious total neutrality, the White Sheet Of Paper, the Concentration, the Zero Point, starting from scratch!

This renewed and dynamized water should then be highly diluted with vulgar tap water: as it happens with remedies, with the increased dilution the beneficial reset effect will be even more intense.
After such treatment, this New Water will be ideally suited to fully and effectively express the peculiar properties of the substances it will touch!

We could therefore produce a new class of superior, extra potent homeopathic remedies, premium medicines, if you will!
Obviously, by adding more water we could create an unlimited reservoir, then distribute the new water primer to labs across the entire planet. This process is quite convenient, it’s like when you share the sourdough starter!


Critics may opine: why not start from synthetic water, something that is so new it’s been produced just then?
Not that fast. We’d then be burdened by billions of years of the personal history of the various hydrogen and oxygen atoms!
It’s true that a comet contains other substances besides water, but it’s bringing us a fragment of a primordial Universe, a veritable Star Dust, that for millions of years was experiencing only the Energy of the Sun! This is not just water, this is the best possible water you could find, this is the Water!

What about complex organic compounds found in comets, you say? Precisely! That’s the stuff! Think about it: against all our expectations, baffling our self-important pseudoscience experts, turns out those celestial bodies enshrine the secret of the formation of the Primordial Life Molecules!
This is the authentic Fruit of the Stars: the Absolute Purity together with the Archetypal Building Blocks for Life!


There you go. I’ll leave the rest to the specialists. In particular they will determine the ideal dilution rate, depending on the various applications, to obtain the optimal White Sheet of Paper Effect.

Or, as we may put it, how much water will be needed to dilute the Water water.

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