Podcast: On Trump vs. Biden, insane comments

Let’s try this experiment: my comments in audio format, since I cannot seem to be able to find enough time to write things down.

Presenting my ideas on the recent debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

I’m focusing on a comment made by Mark Cuban that I found particularly egregious (as many are, these days) in not just missing the point, but reversing a perception of reality.

How can you possibly, in the same breath, say that Biden had that kind of awful performance, but he’s not the guy people around the world laugh at?
And don’t get me started on who’s the “liar”!

Here’s the tweet. You be the judge.

Mark Cuban on Trump vs. Biden debate, in a tweet

I must admit, by re-listening to my audio I can easily spot language mistakes here and there. Apologies.

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