Pseudo-Homilies 17 – Laborers are Few

Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year A   What could be the common thread of this Sunday? Here’s what connects the promise of God, the Father, to Moses on one side, and the calling to the apostles by Jesus on the other: the existence of a plan of salvation. God chooses a special people; Jesus tells his followers they shouldn’t just go in the world and preach to the entire humanity: they should instead focus on that very same people, the Israelites. But why? We can always play the mystery card, but the explanation we usually give ourselves, which I gave too, and it’s valid, is the one that involves a…

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Is the Bible clear?

Greek manuscript of the Bible, a page

A random exchange on Twitter, sparked by a retweet by Nassim Taleb that I happened to notice. I’m replying here because I think we should reclaim our spaces: if something is exemplary and can be used to make a point, it’s wasteful to push content to a platform that is at best of ephemeral nature, at worst is proactively controlling, censoring, influencing… Here it goes: Uhm, yes and no!   Uhm, yes and no!   Now, in this reply lies the crux of the problem. Another installation of my renown series: “Everybody’s wrong!” (But in different ways, and this is where the interesting details determine what you should really make…

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The Revolution: child’s play

Nice Guy Jesus statue resembling the Pope Francis image used to promote his message prioritizing youngsters as agents of change

Your buddy: the Pope. It’s a bit embarrassing for someone like me, utterly dismayed since the day of Pope Francis’ election, but also not wanting to disrespect the figure of the Pope. I must get to it, though. At last. To give some perspective on the foolish self-destruction course chosen by the progressives who gained control of the Catholic Church. Let’s face it, this Pope is essentially on the side of those that opposed all his predecessors. I must muster the courage to speak, as I was saying, even if it means losing some friends in the process.   We’ve had enough of exhortations to be silent! Cry out with…

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