Trump won next Tuesday’s election

Come to terms with it.

Ok, this is a public service post; it won’t get to many people but I hope it will help some friends to soften the blow. Better get used to it gradually. Initially you’ll probably mumble, with a condescending air, that there are too many idiots (myself included) insisting on a Trump victory. Then you’ll begin to realize, feeling a cold sweat, that maybe they are not really idiots… And then afterwards… Uh oh…! Ooops, it happened…

people endorsing Clinton and Trump. Notice Chuck Norris

my 1st meme, please spread!



Chuck Norris: when he gets to the polling station, suddenly all the fraudulent votes within a 500 miles range spontaneously self-combust.

Seriously, this is not about the joke meme where Chuck Norris is so full of win that he’d defeat anything, including the Elements.

Trump already won; people beg to differ because they are at various different stages in a process of coping with the inevitable reality.

DISCLAIMER: I’m biased due to a benefit I’m deriving from Trump’s election that I’ll explain tomorrow.


This is an astonishing event to witness thanks to the fact that Donald Trump was able to get to represent (and weaponize) a popular discontent while fighting essentially against everyone in power: the Democratic Party, TVs, news organizations, but also against the Republican Party and the world’s most powerful money-lined half-empty suits.

Even through his human shortcomings, his election is a godsend. For the US and the entire world.

You already know one of the reasons: the level of corruption of the Clinton War Machine, with its deep connections within the Obama Administration, bootlicker journalists, generous friendly businessmen, seems to be really staggering. We really need someone with the guts and the resolve to try to give Washington a good shake. And I want to stress the try part.

Another reason is the will, expressed by Trump, to rethink the role of US Military around the globe, without falling prey of PC nonsense and the leftist rhetoric that equates strength and violence.

Obama, and Clinton in case they ever elected her, represent a tragically destructive, yet losing, strategy: a combination of weakness and aggressiveness.
Trump instead promised to take a position of strength, but oriented towards the defense (of US interests). Of course, he has to show he’ll keep his promises.

It sounds a Providential turn of events: getting a US President who’s not willing to play WWIII with Russia, but also capable to keep Putin at bay and showing resolve to any wannabe warlord.
But these important subjects deserve to be examined with proper care another time.


The clamorous defeat of the Opinion Masters

Journalists, pundits and anchormen did anything imaginable to support Hillary Clinton. The nerve, malice and disrespect for the facts of some was surprising even for me. And I’m not exactly a friend of the press.

Some, like George Stephanopoulos or Don Lemon, elicit a sort of admiration, because they are masterful in their keeping their partisanship constantly at an optimum, full scale level: you won’t easily find a lawyer so effective in always choosing the most convincing defense of their client.

Here’s an example to understand how low this profession fell: since no self-respecting journalist would dare investigate corruption or illegal activities involving the Democratic Party and its sphere of influence, this James O’Keefe, with his Project Veritas, came to the rescue. This project creates very clever and carefully planned investigative reports, using hidden cameras, investing many months in the preparation and infiltration of their moles. A remarkable job, based on secrecy, effective also thanks to the general casual attitude of wrongdoers who usually benefit from a climate of impunity, so they unsuspectingly brag on camera about their nefarious actions.

This time O’Keefe unmasked, among other things, an organization illegally coordinating with the Party and the Clinton campaign, sending to Trump rallies multiple groups of provocateurs, properly trained to follow a script, to violently confront Trump supporters and give the media an excuse to accuse Trump of being the inciter of violence.
It’s remarkable, after months of pearl clutching by the usual media suspects and political representatives feigning indignation condemning the tycoon for incidents that clearly appeared caused by his enemies, to finally see with our eyes the actual culprits expounding their plan in detail.

But then the moment comes for CNN to deal with the brouhaha generated by O’Keefe’s videos: a panel of journalists and pundits (as always, almost all of them on one side) minimizes everything.
Incredibly they succeed to send a clear message: O’Keefe has been discredited, he’s also a convicted criminal!

Well, first of all the video is still there for us to see: no reporter manipulation could explain it and exonerate the culprits.

But the real mischief lies in their carefully avoiding to explain how exactly O’Keefe had been previously condemned. For what crime? A misdemeanor: entering the office of a senator under false pretenses, with a hidden camera.

How nice! Justice prosecutes those who dare to use extraordinary means to make investigative reports: unearthing the truth has become a dangerous activity. If you don’t accept being stonewalled, you get into trouble. The paradoxical consequence is that those who are doing an extraordinary job, working under cover, are for that sole reason declared to be discredited! Similar to what happened to David Daleiden, the other investigative journalist who caused lots of troubles to Planned Parenthood, for that reason hunted down by justice.


Again, this is just one of the many possible examples. Consider another “unconventional” source, Wikileaks. From the email collection coming from the Clinton entourage you can extract many examples of shameless journalists becoming hacks, selling their integrity to Hillary’s campaign. Some, like Donna Brazile, have already been unceremoniously dumped for this reason.

The thing is, people can’t take it anymore, they are angry. Most stopped believing the media, in fact they are expressing their vote also as an act against journalists.


Also the defeat of Opinion Definers.

Some pollsters participated in the ruse. They share part of the blame.


In the last few days everyone is about Hillary Clinton’s scandals.

But the most pathetic sight in all this crazy campaign, after FBI Director James Comey’s declaration hinting that something big was brewing and the multiple Clinton investigations were far from over, was the opinion makers’ slow motion stampede to reposition themselves. All of a sudden recognizing flaws and questionable dealings by the ex First Lady. Their coming to say nice things about Trump, like that, out of the blue… while quietly trying to let you forget that a few days ago they were predicting a Democratic triumph.

They got wind of the change; of the fact that Teflon Don was unstoppable and people couldn’t stand Hillary’s lies. Maybe Comey was the first to signal for others the time had come: Trump was going to win anyway, better avoid being caught unprepared, stubbornly defending a sinking ship.

Behold the pitiful sight of polls that are gradually realigning with reality, reducing the staggering Clinton lead of a few days ago, and even reversing the positions.

While I’m writing this Fivethirtyeight, the most important site about electoral polls, indicates the probability of a Trump victory still only at 34%, greatly increased from the second half of October, where he was credited a less than 15% chance. Pathetic.

You see, many polls are meant to influence, not measure; hence they are skewed, it’s not exactly a secret. We’ll get back to that another time. They can push for a candidate, influencing people to vote following a herd instinct; but this sort of push is expected to dwindle away before election day, because that’s when real results are in and you can compare them to polls. Insisting on selling a fairy tale would destroy a polling institute reputation.

That’s why we are witnessing a scandal-ridden Clinton losing ground, but this is compound with the need for skewed polls to realign with reality. The effect seems to be a formidable comeback on the part of Trump. That’s probably just a narrow Trump lead, that was presented as an almost certain victory for Clinton, becoming a wider margin of lead for the New York tycoon.

You don’t believe me? Check these actual result and their interpretation: early voting data points to a Trump victory in key states.


These days the few Clinton rallies get an attendance that seems more appropriate for a minor local election. Trump is getting crowds of thousands multiple times a day.

Get over it, Trump already won.


  1. I didn’t understand, growing up, that the role ascribed to Satan in the scriptures was a tempter and deceiver, more than someone who makes himself obvious as a spreader of hate. Because he is subtle as told in Genesis, he sneaks into people’s minds with everything from vanity to resentments to false judgements, before his victims have a chance to defend themselves. Learning to defend against lies is one of the benefits we receive from the church. This political campaign has raised the lying to an unprecedented level, such that millions of otherwise rational persons have delusions about the platforms presented to us that totally contradict reality. God help us all.

  2. Alessandro Grasso

    Hi Dale. In a way I’d say this campaign was mostly about shining a light on those lies.
    It’s true that some, especially in the media, rose to unprecedented levels of deviousness; but this created an opportunity for a reset.
    When there’s a reaction, there’s hope.

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