Clinton email scandals? Much ado about everything

Democratic Party Election Strategy in 8 years increments

Skin, uterus, sexual desire, religion: they really are about diversity (in moral blackmail)!

And so we got to Election Day. Americans have been served useful distractions by a complacent media machine. Anyone who wanted to, had the opportunity to catch wind of the multiple Clinton scandals, granted; but the details are often too intricate for the average person’s attention span. Confusion→ uncertainty→ irrelevance. And if you lean Democrat, journalists give you plenty of excuses to banish the uncomfortable thought.


The idea was to sell a stripped down message: Hillary is a woman (!) and is supposed to be about all the usual Democratic Party policies. That’s it. And they pushed the narrative that her opponent was allegedly vulgar, racist, sexist and dangerous, to give the electorate some meat, something to focus on.


Forget about other issues. Corruption is the key.


But the best assessment I could find of what this election entails comes from the talented pen of Mark Steyn: the overriding issue in American politics is the corruption.

As you can appreciate in the above piece, other major problems, like uncontrolled immigration or the economic crisis, are strictly connected to how Washington lost any respect for honesty and the rule of law.

Commenting on a damning testimony, regarding the State Department pushing the FBI to help Clinton in the personal emails investigation by tampering with the evidence, Steyn sums up:

So, to add to the corrupt revenue agency and the corrupt justice department, we now have a corrupt national law enforcement agency and a corrupt foreign ministry – willing, indeed, to subordinate national security and its own diplomatic policy to the personal needs of Hillary Clinton.


You see, I began drafting this very article in August, when I was still working on the design of this website; the actual content kept changing and changing, because outrageous developments kept coming.

It’s even difficult to enumerate all the Clinton scandals. You always run the risk of missing one. Well, let’s put down at least the most recent ones.

  • There’s Wikileaks with the DNC email leaks: proof of rigging the Democratic Primaries, lots of dirty tricks, shameless media prostitution to the Democrats.
  • Another Wikileaks case: the Podesta emails, where assorted embarrassing details emerge from the Clinton campaign, including, again, journalists from top household names colluding with them to sell the Hillary product.
  • The Veritas Project hidden camera videos I mentioned before, where you get to know a shady organization, in strict connection and coordination with the DNC, Clinton campaign and White House, doing dirty jobs like violently attacking Trump supporters at rallies in a way planned to cause the media to blame Trump for the “hate”. Also, planning voter fraud operations.
  • The deleted emails from the private server case I’ll deal briefly with hereinafter.
  • The Clinton Foundation Scandal, for which there’s still an ongoing FBI investigation. That’s probably the most substantial one, especially in terms of likelihood of getting to a criminal conviction: abundant, undeniable examples of Clinton (Bill&Hillary) policies while in office directly benefiting companies and foreign governments who donated to the formal charity called Clinton Foundation. This alone should easily disqualify her even in the eyes of the staunchest liberal. Sadly, that’s not the case…


Now, about those missing emails…

Occupy Democrats meme: to attack Trump they assert that Hitler built the Berlin Wall

These are Democrats’ arguments: distractions, red herrings! …Oh! Wait a minute! The history of Communism is really a blind spot for them!


She used a personal email server, insecure and outside of the control of government, to conduct affairs as a Secretary of State. When legally requested by Congress to disclose her emails, she instructed her minions to destroy the evidence; some 30 thousands emails were erased with a professional anti-retrieval software. Her aides were all about destroying evidence. It seems they even got to smash numerous Blackberries with a hammer.

This is the way guilty people act. No one should run for office after that. Should I really state the obvious?

You see folks, to try to pin down a criminal usually their prosecution focuses on something that is more easily demonstrable in front of a jury: jeopardizing the security of your country is bad enough, you don’t need to be looking for more nefarious motives that could or could not be actually possible to unearth. After all Al Capone went to jail for tax evasion.
Choosing the low hanging fruit was a sensible choice, and yet it gave a splendid opportunity for Clinton defenders to pretend this was all about her being careless and committing a grave mistake, by doing something inappropriate and potentially dangerous.


As soon as more details emerged she was always coming up with the least damning possible excuse for her behavior, for instance correcting her story multiple times about how she could possibly not know about the top-secret nature of some of the emails she handled inappropriately.
But the core of the problem, if not for a jury at least for the electorate, would bet that by choosing to handle her communications outside of the control of the Government, and more so by destroying the evidence afterwards, she clearly had a lot to hide, something way more damning that having to answer to an entire country about her destroying legal documents while under subpoena.
Let that sink in: maybe we will never get to know what was in those emails; but through a simple deduction we already know for a fact that it is way worse than what we already know about her!

As already evidenced by the words of Mark Steyn above, the way the investigation was conducted is not worthy of a civilized country. Many in Clinton entourage has been promised immunity by the FBI with no apparent good reason other than to impede further investigations. Among them Cheryl Mills, the close Clinton confidante that was also given the opportunity to highly irregularly represent Clinton as her lawyer in the case.


As I wrote in a previous article, back in August the head of the FBI James Comey came up with a staggering conclusion: we won’t proceed further; Clinton has done all those inexcusable things, but we are not treating them as worthy of prosecution, that’s it.

You see, even an otherwise effective video like the following one is only barely scratching the surface of the problem.

This turn of events obviously was not met with resignation; consider how FBI agents lamented the appalling behavior of their politically-appointed boss.

“This is a textbook case where a grand jury should have convened but was not. That is appalling,”


It’s no secret that the Clintons have always been quite cavalier in their “mishandling” important documents, in a way that served them well.


The plot thickens


And in another bizarre and baffling development, on October 28 the head of the FBI declared that they were investigating again on her emails, because a different investigation on the now ex-husband of another close collaborator of Hillary, Huma Abedin, caught red-handed exposing himself to minor girls, discovered on a laptop a treasure trove of 650,000 emails pertaining to the Clinton case.
Rumors abound about the actual content of those emails; the thing is, with an even more outrageous twist of the story, on November 6, two days before election day, he came out with what amounts to just another retraction saying that they already examined all those emails and they found nothing relevant!


At this point pundits and experts are starting to point out the obvious: James Kallstrom, ex FBI Assistant Director, interviewed by Lou Dobbs on Fox News, reminds us what this is about: accusing Hillary Clinton to have compromised the security of Special Access Program documents, which means Above Top Secret. During the II World War, that would fruit you a nice walk in front of a firing squad; even today it’s a crime that is easily punished with decades in a military prison!

And regarding the Clinton Foundation, James Kallstrom has declared, in that interview and in other circumstances, that is a typical RICO case, i.e. having to do with a sort of mafia cartel to be torn down.


And yet, we have been served a nothingburger by the FBI, just before the election…

If you think a direct intervention of Obama’s administration to force the hand isn’t the only valid explanation, consider what follows.

Multiple sources tell us that Obama knew about the private server and he wrote to Clinton using a pseudonym.

The White House and the Clinton camp are closely interconnected, and they share too many secrets for Obama to let Hillary lose.

From Podesta Emails at Wikileaks: bankers designated almost the entire Obama cabinet before 2008 election. Then they benefited from a huge bailout.




How much evidence is plenty enough?

I come to the public fore far too late and with an almost invisible voice. People will vote blindly, as they always do everywhere in the world, so I wouldn’t have changed much even if I were a celebrity with a powerful message about essential, visible facts that seems to always escape a huge chunk of the public.

And yet, this article of mine may serve as a reminder, a signpost in history. We cannot let this kind of corruption to continue unabated, worse! Protected by the news media.

I’m confident that Trump will do something about that.



And remember: the most important investigation is the one on the Clinton Foundation. This is a whole different chapter of the story. But at the same time you can imagine there must be deep connections with the need to hide the content of many emails.

Even the Washington Post is putting the issue in plain sight for everyone to see: a pay-for-play scheme that is so obvious no one today could honestly say they find the Clintons defensible in any way. A memorandum compiled by Douglas Band when he was working for the Clinton Foundation. A document evidencing how many donors, top tier corporations, obtained favors, for instance by Hillary as Secretary of State, in exchange of donations to the Fondation but also through direct payments to Bill, for a speech or for some pro forma assignment.


If you have time to waste tonight, waiting for election results, you can always enjoy a movie:







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