A lonely Japanese drone got lost in Europe

Prodrone PD6B

UPDATE -11:50 am CET- the linked page is no longer available

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A sort of artificial tourist is wandering the skies

A Osaka University autonomous drone, designed to explore urban environments and take photos of Google Maps landmarks, went missing during a test flight on March 18 while the developers were visiting the University of Hannover, in Germany.

This machine is programmed to fly solo, without the need of human intervention. As reported on the webpage dedicated to this project, a malfunction occurred to the drone’s CNC (cellular network connection module) so that the robot couldn’t receive the “COME HOME” signal.

As reported by the …

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ONO, smart 3D printing with your phone

What is ONO

Some ideas are so elegant (clever yet simple) that you regret not being the guy who came up with them.

The startup company ONO is launching a new 3D printing system for smartphones, with which you can obtain solid objects based on a design that you created or downloaded.

The main piece of hardware of the ONO system is your phone: modern handheld devices sport excellent raw computing power, internet connection, versatility, and crucially a high resolution screen. The screen is at the core of this technology because it’s tasked to emit light patterns in a step-by-step process, mirroring the shape of the various sections of the object that is being printed. Those light …

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Idea: turbocharging homeopathy

Wait! I just realized I invented a Homeopathy Power-up!

Today’s homeopathic remedies are still burdened by this annoying problem… you know that undesired aftertaste of dinosaur and cyanobacteria… stuff that our water has carried within itself for !

You don’t want that to spoil your mood or appetite.


Your average water dose remembers too many things and you run the risk of receiving the wrong cure. Say you wanted a powerful, high-dilution arsenic potion, but for some reason your water was instead reminiscing about that occasion when it went to a mineral spa.

Or maybe you put your hands on a Berlin Wall homeopathic pill (I’m not making this up!) but …

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Is Coca Cola harmful? Bad journalism, questionable science.


Journalism is garbage, period.

But then, not all journalists are created equal. Some employ subtlety, others are more pedestrian and careless. Quality is visibly declining.

Many Italian newspapers came out with this gem of professional reporting, with pieces similar to the one linked below.

Coca Cola is worse than cigarettes, it destroys DNA and causes a 4.5 years ageing (in Italian).

Enjoy the fantastic claim from the incipit: “Coca Cola seems to be quite noxious for your health. Just like cigarettes.” (Already a little subdued, compared with the incredible title…)

According to said article, the claim comes from “the latest scientific studies”(!) published by the American Journal of

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