Oddities in the Berlin terror attack & a temptation to read more into it



Nowadays even wars are fought through the power of images. ISIS edits a glossy magazine where appallingly cruel actions get a polished professional presentation worthy of the National Geographic. Terrorists are recruited through internet forums, where propaganda movies are the basic staple of an exciting diet of strong imagery for the bloodlusty aspiring jihadist: think of the executions, where the hostages have been worn down through endless dry runs, so that they pose no resistance and appear completely subjugated to their murderers.

Attacking Christmas is a natural choice for its symbolic value. Attacking a Christmas Market is even more incisive, because the shock effect is channeled through the …

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It’s all Putin’s fault! (Shameless)

What can you say? It’s ludicrous.

Problem is, all those journalists are serious, and lots of people still listen to them.


Hillary Clinton is ranting about a “vast right-wing conspiracy” since 1998. It’s one of her recurring circus acts.

I’d say now it’s a good time: it would be advisable to finally let her go. She’s an ex.

And yet, here she was, again on TV, railing against those damn fake news that caused Trump’s victory.
Obviously the mainstream media were indignant and eager to follow her advice, calling for a new form of censorship-under-a-different-name, against all those unauthorized voices spreading lies all over the internet. Of course the same mainstream …

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Trump won next Tuesday’s election

people endorsing Clinton and Trump. Notice Chuck Norris

Come to terms with it.

Ok, this is a public service post; it won’t get to many people but I hope it will help some friends to soften the blow. Better get used to it gradually. Initially you’ll probably mumble, with a condescending air, that there are too many idiots (myself included) insisting on a Trump victory. Then you’ll begin to realize, feeling a cold sweat, that maybe they are not really idiots… And then afterwards… Uh oh…! Ooops, it happened…



Chuck Norris: when he gets to the polling station, suddenly all the within a 500 miles range spontaneously self-combust.

Seriously, this is not about the joke meme …

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Is Coca Cola harmful? Bad journalism, questionable science.


Journalism is garbage, period.

But then, not all journalists are created equal. Some employ subtlety, others are more pedestrian and careless. Quality is visibly declining.

Many Italian newspapers came out with this gem of professional reporting, with pieces similar to the one linked below.

Coca Cola is worse than cigarettes, it destroys DNA and causes a 4.5 years ageing (in Italian).

Enjoy the fantastic claim from the incipit: “Coca Cola seems to be quite noxious for your health. Just like cigarettes.” (Already a little subdued, compared with the incredible title…)

According to said article, the claim comes from “the latest scientific studies”(!) published by the American Journal of

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