Let me gloat. Trump won. I won!

Niagara Falls by night, fireworks

Fireworks at Niagara Falls; here it was Labor Day, but they are fittingly re-purposed to celebrate the new President

As you may or may not know, in July 2015 I bet on Trump’s victory. Today, thanks to Donald Trump’s triumph, I won more than enough money to cover all the expenses incurred during the a recent tour trip to the USA that me and my wife took in September.

I dubbed it “Our Donald Trump Trip” for obvious reasons.


Now I feel the need to celebrate the victory.


(All photos are © 2016 Alessandro Grasso.)


Thanks Donald!


It’s been a hell of a ride.

Even if I’m living in Italy I followed the election very closely; not just because this was set to be the most momentous political event in recent history, potentially the last standing against the self-destruction of the United States, a nation that is the best shot we have to keep the Western Civilization alive.

It was also a fantastic opportunity to observe the deceptions, mistakes, blind spots, excesses of the media.


A sight of the next residence of Donald Trump!

On one hand I had lots of laughs at pundits pretending to explain away the Trump phenomenon as something that was always, in their accounts, a few days from collapsing and disappearing from the scene. They kept being wrong and pontificating, month after month.

On the other hand, the level of intellectual dishonesty and public opinion manipulation shown by almost all of the media entities was painful to watch.

Today is for celebrating; but starting tomorrow, there are some serious problems with democracy itself that America should face, since such a criminal enterprise, supported by the most powerful society actors, had a real shot at getting to control the nation.

I would like to thank The Conservative Treehouse, a website I discovered around August 2015 and I’ve been following ever since. A precious source of insight on many intricate aspects of American politics. Their in-depth analyses are well worth the read. I can’t say that I would agree 100% with what they report, but it is a telling sign of the times when a website put together by amateurs is capable of running circles around all the most prestigious and well-paid professionals.

Thanks American Patriots!


New York, Manhattan

Manhattan view from the Millennium Tower, courtesy of Donald Trump


Everglades boat tour, all expenses paid by Donald Trump!

underwater photo

Barracuda. Snorkeling in the Florida Keys. Did I tell you Trump won and we won this?















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