Toxic feminism, just a random specimen among many

The Medium platform still pushes one-sided content in my email. I now mostly ignore it, after I wrote … But today I decided to give it a chance. This time the first article that they promoted was titled: “Why as a Liberal I Read Fox News to Know Who’s Actually Going to Win in November” and it piqued my interest. The incipit of the article: “Remember how bad it felt on election night 2016 when we all realized Hillary had lost?” LOL!!! Anyway, the photo of the author seemed crazily stereotypical, so I clicked to see what else she wrote. The list is hilariously bad, confirming every cliché about…

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The Revolution: child’s play

Nice Guy Jesus statue resembling the Pope Francis image used to promote his message prioritizing youngsters as agents of change

Your buddy: the Pope. It’s a bit embarrassing for someone like me, utterly dismayed since the day of Pope Francis’ election, but also not wanting to disrespect the figure of the Pope. I must get to it, though. At last. To give some perspective on the foolish self-destruction course chosen by the progressives who gained control of the Catholic Church. Let’s face it, this Pope is essentially on the side of those that opposed all his predecessors. I must muster the courage to speak, as I was saying, even if it means losing some friends in the process.   We’ve had enough of exhortations to be silent! Cry out with…

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