Toxic feminism, just a random specimen among many

A totally unrelated woman activist, but you can still feel the fascination with mindless compliance.

The Medium platform still pushes one-sided content in my email. I now mostly ignore it, after I wrote
But today I decided to give it a chance.
This time the first article that they promoted was titled: “Why as a Liberal I Read Fox News to Know Who’s Actually Going to Win in November” and it piqued my interest.

The incipit of the article:

“Remember how bad it felt on election night 2016 when we all realized Hillary had lost?”


Anyway, the photo of the author seemed crazily stereotypical, so I clicked to see what else she wrote.

The list is hilariously bad, confirming every cliché about what we could call… toxic femininity? Toxic feminism turned into a self-hating, egotistical, anti-feminine anti-masculine anti-decency, needy, fake-edgy yet conformist, immature posturing?


I won’t link the articles list here, because I think the author doesn’t deserve it (not that it would matter to her viewership), but you could easily find it if you wished.

Some of the most egregious offenders:


  • My Boyfriend Wanted to Watch Me Have Sex With Other Men
  • My Husband Tried to Cure My Weak Libido
  • I Realized I Wanted a Divorce While Having Sex With My Husband
  • I Didn’t Feel Guilty for Cheating on My Husband
    It was the best sex I had in years.


  • I Abandoned My Family to Live in Costa Rica for 3 Months — And It Saved My Life.
    Being a “martyr mom”…

  • My Hot, Sexy, Terrifying, and Humiliating Tinder Experiences in Costa Rica
    I found love, but I also…


  • Cheating on Your Spouse Is Sometimes Justified
  • I Didn’t Tell Him I Was Still Married
  • Casual Sex Brought Me Back to Life After Leaving My Marriage


  • I’ve Always Prefered “Feminine” Men — Now I Know Why
  • Why It’s Finally Socially Acceptable for Straight Men to Explore Their Femininity
  • I’m Okay as a “Flab Mom.” Stop Shaming Me for Not Being Fit
  •  Yes, a Porn Addict Can Ask Their Partner Not to Watch Porn


  • I Worked in a Sex Dungeon in Spain
  • There’s Nothing Wrong With Being “Self-Partnered”
  • I’m Addicted to My Vibrator. Is That Bad?
  • I Was a Straight Girl Who Led on Lesbians
  • I Am a Nudist
  • Cannabis Transformed My Sex Life


  • A New Wave of Women Are Refusing to Remove Their Body Hair — I’m One of Them
  • I Shave Off My Pubic Hair After Every Breakup


  • I’ve Decided to Stop Shaming Myself for Being on Welfare
  • On Being White, Poor and Privileged
    Knowing I’m privileged is the first step toward change.


George Takei tweets against the concept of "biological sex", as if recognizing its existence encouraged "transphobia"

Meanwhile, in a Sci-Fi world…

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