Toxic feminism, just a random specimen among many

The Medium platform still pushes one-sided content in my email. I now mostly ignore it, after I wrote … But today I decided to give it a chance. This time the first article that they promoted was titled: “Why as a Liberal I Read Fox News to Know Who’s Actually Going to Win in November” and it piqued my interest. The incipit of the article: “Remember how bad it felt on election night 2016 when we all realized Hillary had lost?” LOL!!! Anyway, the photo of the author seemed crazily stereotypical, so I clicked to see what else she wrote. The list is hilariously bad, confirming every cliché about…

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What is or isn’t homophobia

2 French policemen attack a peaceful protester against gay marriage

I  just realized that today is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. I come very late to the party, so excuse my unpolished manners. Sooo. Homophobia is an imaginary mental disorder. Its definition was created towards the end of the 20th Century and popularized in the 21st. Turns out that centuries of civilization zoomed by without people coming up with a similar idea. Until now. Lucky us.   The idea of being afraid of homosexuals. Going to great lengths to prove that you’re not.   Embrace nonsense, fall right in line, or else. Homophobia comes quite handy as an instrument for oppressive -nominally democratic- regimes censoring free speech,…

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