What is or isn’t homophobia

I  just realized that today is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. I come very late to the party, so excuse my unpolished manners.


Homophobia is an imaginary mental disorder. Its definition was created towards the end of the 20th Century and popularized in the 21st. Turns out that centuries of civilization zoomed by without people coming up with a similar idea. Until now. Lucky us.


The idea of being afraid of homosexuals. Going to great lengths to prove that you’re not.


Embrace nonsense, fall right in line, or else.
Homophobia comes quite handy as an instrument for oppressive -nominally democratic- regimes censoring free speech, because your very questioning its existence is proof enough that you’re afflicted by said illness; this means you’re dangerous and worthy of things like suffering years of legal bullying by the authorities, being sent to a modern version of a re-education camp, or losing your job…

If you’re labeled a homophobe, not being mentally impaired is no defense: after all, since everybody knows perfectly well this has nothing to do with psychopathology, discussing the silliness of the pseudo-scientific definition of this “phobia” won’t help your case. That’s because the problem has no relationship with workable concepts; your problem is with not being on the required side of history.

This is indeed a Kafkaesque world.

The fact that in this climate most people suffer little to no consequences in practice, and only a few exceptional cases (a clerk being fired, a cake shop or a florist being fined for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars) make the news, make this form of conditioning very effective: to the masses, feeling good through strict compliance appears quite effortless.
When the ramifications of the social revolution will kick in it will be already too late.


This festivity.

Since homophobia literally means “fear of the same“, it’s quite confusing that it expresses the alleged fear of someone who’s different.
Well, technically the concept projects on the exterior world a fear that originates within the homosexual community. Hence the whole humbug is about the fear of the fear of the different.
Maybe there’s some special grammar algebra at play.

Anyway, after a few editions of the May 17th celebrations, some guys across the sexual spectrum felt left out, so that in order to accommodate them, transphobia was added to the title (literally: a fear across, beyond).

2 years ago they feared that 2 special groups being represented in the title wasn’t enough, so they added biphobia (which aptly means: the fear of two).

Now, the proper complete acronym for all the distinct groups interested in forcing others to smile and nod while being exposed to their queer sexual habits is LGBTQQIP2SAA.
The anti-hatred day designation is sadly still way behind, they got only to the LGBT part for now. It stands to reason that they should properly expand the title of the event in the future.
For the Questioning part it’s easy, just add a question mark.
When I see “2 Spirits” pitted against AA, I spontaneously think of Vodka and Grappa.
The rest is left as an exercise for the reader.


Enough with the jokes.

2 French policemen attack a peaceful protester against gay marriage

Police repression of peaceful protests against gay marriage. Paris, France, May 29, 2013.  Source: Pasidupes Blog

Quashing dissent is a fine art where violence is seldom required. It’s a bit like a sculpture made with a chainsaw.

“Decent people” unwilling to do harm to strangers represent an exception in history and across world societies. A queer (as in: extravagant) side effect of Christianity.

You’ll see what will happen when a dominant culture impervious to reasoning and criticism will feel the need to suppress some forms of behavior or some associations deemed dangerous for the morale, or for the new morality.
Hint: homosexuals will be, again, on the receiving side of the violence, alongside many others.
But this nonsense of forcing people to ignore the reality of human nature on their behalf will be instrumental in facilitating the ongoing revolution.
It’s a mental training: don’t think, behave. The loudest voice is right.
Authorities and the media are setting the pace. Conform.
Resistance is futile.


“But saying no to homophobia is about violence! And being good, emphatic and understanding!”

Oh, yeah! Anti-homophobia propaganda IS INDEED about violence. Mostly psychological.

But it has nothing to do with being good or doing good. It’s about misguided feelings. And being manipulated into joining the cult of indiscriminateness: if object A can be represented as vaguely resembling object B, stop asking questions, stop using your rational abilities, ignore the differences and demand -together with your lemming brethren- that the entire society change to define, once and for all, that A=B. Consequences be damned. You don’t want to notice them anyway.


Some progressives may object that I’m not being honest in characterizing them as anti-rational: they view themselves as champions of science and logic. Fine.
Why is then, that they aren’t demanding some dramatic measures to restore sanity when the British Medical Association guidelines for doctors indicate that you should substitute the expression “pregnant mothers” with “pregnant people” to avoid offending transsexuals?
I could have linked tons of other examples. This is pure madness.
When stupidity is “good for the cause” and you let it run because the end justifies the means, I’m sorry, there’s no cause other than the furthering of stupidity. That is also how it ends.


The essence of the homophobia nonsense is this:

Exploiting the idea of “protecting” and fighting “violence”, sometimes even addressing real issues (actual cases of bullying against homosexuals), in order to destroy a society’s foundations and structure, brick by brick. Establishing the principle that there’s no meaning, only “feelings”; hence, no proper sexual identity, no family. Eventually, no identity and not even mental sanity.


BEFORE “homophobia”,

it didn’t matter if you were pro or against the homosexualist groups or their agenda:

if you were non-violent, you deserved to be protected.
if you were violent, you deserved to be punished;


AFTER “homophobia”,

it doesn’t matter if you’re violent or non-violent:

if you’re on the side of the homosexualist groups, you deserve to be protected;
if you’re on the other side, you deserve to be punished.

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