The real terrorists are […]

Nidal Hassan vs the Tea Party flag

Just a short comment about the typical piece of news that causes unhealthy spikes in my blood pressure.

Fort Hood Ignored Nidal Hassan, Now Warns of Tea Party Terror Threat
Here Daniel Greenfield is reporting on a stunning coincidence.
Two extreme events, both involving the US military base of Fort Hood.

Scene 1: For a significant period of time Nidal Hassan, a Muslim, a psychiatrist and US Army Officer, gave abundant signs about his being on the side of Muslims waging war on infidels, highlighting that in his view a Muslim cannot be part of a US Army fighting against Islamists. He did that even during a …

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Those dreaded Catholics, reproducing like rabbits…


A conversation I couldn’t help but overhear this morning.
I was providing technical support to an office that will remain unidentifiable for obvious reasons.
Two women who work there, chatting freely in front of me (not minding my presence). Topic of conversation: a kindergarten year-end performance.

The younger one is describing a detail she felt indignant about.
She got to notice it, she elaborates, because she has no daughters. (?)
The girls attending her son’s class were all wearing miniskirts for the occasion. Or better: short denim skirts, ostensibly following some instruction from the teachers.
But there was also this tiny lady donning a long …

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Discovering who we are (Section: Humans)

nature, barb wire

One of the most easily misunderstood expressions: “human nature”.

If you didn’t live under a rock in the last 25 years, you know there’s a new (old) deity in town: Mother Nature.

Therefore it’s normal that, with this obsession for ecologism besieging our minds since school age, when we catch a phrase containing “nature”, our vision turns green.

But human nature is something else. It’s how we are made. What we really are, inside, as human beings.

It’s our psychology that is at stake. We must explore our inner self to avoid self-deception. Just to pick up a random example: it’s pointless to put forward a social experiment like the …

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