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Nidal Hassan vs the Tea Party flag

Real terrorist, imaginary terrorists

Just a short comment about the typical piece of news that causes unhealthy spikes in my blood pressure.

Fort Hood Ignored Nidal Hassan, Now Warns of Tea Party Terror Threat
Here Daniel Greenfield is reporting on a stunning coincidence.
Two extreme events, both involving the US military base of Fort Hood.

Scene 1: For a significant period of time Nidal Hassan, a Muslim, a psychiatrist and US Army Officer, gave abundant signs about his being on the side of Muslims waging war on infidels, highlighting that in his view a Muslim cannot be part of a US Army fighting against Islamists. He did that even during a Powerpoint presentation on the subject of Jihad as duty for all Muslims, in front of fellow medical officers who were embarrassed yet busy pretending nothing happened. He also became closely tied to an imam involved in the September 11 attack. Eventually, in November 2009, he went on a killing spree shooting his fellow comrades at Fort Hood while shouting “Allah U Akbar”, killing 13 soldiers with another 30 injured.
He was stopped by police, since soldiers are forbidden from carrying weapons while stationed at military bases (!), therefore they had no means to defend themselves.
This event was minimized by Big Media in its implications and dealt with, by the Obama administration and during Hassan’s trial, as an episode of “workplace violence”, supposedly caused by his being overstressed and mentally instable (though this apparently didn’t prevent him from becoming a US Army psychologist)…

Scene 2: 4 years after those tragic events, in that very same Fort Hood military base, soldiers are mandated to attend a training course containing long tirades against certain “extremist” groups like anti-abortion activists, the Tea Party and Christian Fundamentalists in general… All of them, according to the trainers, represent significant security threats, are tearing the country apart and contain within their ranks potential terrorists. Sodiers are even forbidden from making a donation to those obviously pestiferous and violent groups. Severe penalties apply.

There you go. This is Obamerica.

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