Why so much fake outrage? Why siding with criminals?

The quest for the evil roots of the Left: our first step is observing the apologists of illegal immigration.


Scene 1, Honduras: a well off family, at least for the standards of developing countries; the husband has a good job, the wife drives a car nicer than mine. They have 4 children.
Scene 2, USA-Mexico border: the woman from scene 1 decides to leave the country taking the youngest daughter with her, not even bothering to say goodbye to her husband and her 3 other children. She wants to seek her fortune in the United States, even if she’d already been deported in 2013. She gives 6000 dollars to a criminal for the trip. She exposes her daughter to significant dangers while crossing the smuggler-infested desert by night. She gets caught by a border patrol; that’s the occasion on which a photo is taken of the child crying. The image goes viral. Mother and daughter are kept together, but her desperate cry is used as an impactful visual testimony of how the pitiless system separates small children from their parents just because the crossed a border illegally.
Scene 3: the little sobbing girl embodies the quintessential victim of Trump The Evil Monster™ on a Time Magazine cover.

Time cover, Donald Trump looking down on crying child (fair use: critique)

The callous empathy of a failing, once renowned, mainstream magazine.

How could you possibly manipulate the public in such a weasely fashion?

Recently a number of fake news campaigns were launched, focusing on the children separated from their parents when captured at the border.

You may recall the image of children detained in a cage from Obama’s era (2014) presented as Trump’s fault; then the photo of a caged child screaming, which was from a public protest rally. Then this.

Not only the child used as a symbol of those who are separated at the border wasn’t really separated. You’re left to wonder: is this a worthy mother after all she did to her daughter and the rest of the family? Some may argue the child would be better off after being taken away for good, not just for a few hours.
You can’t be so superficial, egotistical and irresponsible. Chasing a fatuous dream, heedless of the suffering you’re causing to those who love you. And then passing for a victim!

In the worldview of a liberal, those who act like her would deserve all kinds of help: a moral support to the decision to break up a family; welfare protection, free healthcare, food stamps if needed; hordes of social workers ready to help, monetary support if she decides to raise her children alone, job training and placement programs… and of course a warm hug for her choice to enter the country illegally.

This last item is of paramount importance: it’s about always siding with transgressors while acting morally superior, which is a convenient form of goodness.

If you don’t buy into the concept that the idea of upholding the law should be chased away like a dirty thought, a mere theoretical constraint we should ignore, then you’re lacking compassion.

The only thing that matters is the point of view of those who matter. To the point that even the crimes and turpitude of the worst elements of the protected group become insignificant, explained away with a bit of sociological sophistry.
While the scene is dominated by western guilt: you’re a privileged person, your stroke of luck was being born here. Don’t you dare judge the less fortunate.

Not only that’s how the Left pushes for a form of immigration that becomes intertwined with all sorts of trafficking, facilitating the worst criminal gangs, infiltrating terrorists.
Something so out of control that it puts into question even the survival of the host society.

Not only that. You’re providing cover for all sorts of unrelated crimes. That’s the sad story of the Sanctuary Cities, where in theory you’d be protecting productive and loyal wannabe citizens from the soulless Federal Government, but in practice the rule of law becomes optional, while at the same time municipalities provide assistance and ID to all sorts of wrongdoers.
That’s how in a climate of general disrespect for the law it’s not uncommon to hear that a certain homicide was committed by an illegal alien that had already been deported multiple times…


Another good example of how the media chose to protect this unsustainable state of affairs was the recent MS-13 incident: during a press conference Trump decided to answer a question about this Hispanic gang called MS-13, one of the most ruthless and vile gangs in existence. Using the vivid and emotional language his fans are used to connect to, he called them “animals”, underlining the dangers of such groups being able to cross the border as they please.
Thanks to a malicious cut in the video of the interview -aired by the usual media suspects- the question wasn’t heard and his words lost their context. That’s how for a few days a fabricated narrative echoed around the mediasphere: Trump the villain dared to call immigrants animals!


A ruse in Ruseland

Let’s be honest: there was something else behind all this pro-immigration push. The Democrat’s desperate need to launch an effective campaign against Trump, no matter the subject.
They needed something to counter his recent successes, including the growth of the economy and the North Korea peace process, initiated through the patented Trumpian approach based on a clever exhibition of swagger and muscles, i.e. precisely the tactic they guaranteed could only cause a nuclear war.
More than anything, they had to drown the news about the Spygate scandal. Too much win. Literally.
That’s how they decided to dig out a decades-old problem.

I find it unsettling how the media circus has become so laser-focused and effective in guiding the general public reactions and thought processes.
They cynically created the perception of a sudden emergency, that’s it. No room for discussion either: those who try to minimize the present crisis must hate crying children or something.

The most solid objections, including the fact that the treatment of people apprehended at the border is based on laws that in most cases date back at least to Bill Clinton, bounce back as if they were full of air. The narrative then resumes as if nothing happened: the culprit must be Trump. The Nazi, of course.


Water is wet, grass is green

It’s so painfully obvious: people who break the law shouldn’t expect authorities to facilitate them. This would include letting them stay with their children in a facility suitable for minors and families. Thus avoiding jail.
Not only this is not fair. It encourages criminals, including not just immigrants but all sorts of traffickers, to bring their children with them or worse, travel with expendable children to be used as a form of protection.

Illegal immigrants using minors to enter US increased 315% since last year: that’s the real story the media should tell.
Separating alleged family groups may save lives.
We’ve seen progressives on Twitter having the audacity to protest DNA tests used to check the family relationships! Whose side are you on?

When you consider that even leftists begrudgingly admit that some 80% of the women who cross the Mexico-USA border illegally are raped, this state of affairs can’t be defended. There’s too much unnecessary suffering.


Focused outrage

We should refuse to follow the script. Possibly trying to involve in our rebellion some of those real life friends and relatives we know usually buy into whatever the evening news throws at them.
They wanted you to fixate on a fabricated crisis. Well, don’t.
Outraged by minors separated from their parents at the border? Why not consider how children in foster care represent a way larger number (in the US it’s 2 orders of magnitude larger, in fact), are typically kept separated for years instead of hours or days, and are often subject to abuse or neglect?


Notice how little emphasis was put on the fact that the vast majority of the minors apprehended by ICE were traveling alone. And a significant number were accompanied by strangers.


Discussing a Senate report on the issue during Obama’s tenure, even the leftist Washington Post had this to say in 2016:

“HHS places children with individuals about whom it knows relatively little and without verifying the limited information provided by sponsors about their alleged relationship with the child,” the report said.

For example, one Guatemalan boy planned to live with his uncle in Virginia. But when the uncle refused to take the boy, he ended up with another sponsor, who forced him to work nearly 12 hours a day to repay a $6,500 smuggling debt, which the sponsor later increased to $10,900, the report said.

Organized crime. A squalid trailer park full of alien children forced to work 12 hours a day in a egg farm. This is slavery. Today. In the USA.

It should be emphasized how those little slaves weren’t unknown to government agencies: they were legally given in custody to sponsors. Once you open the floodgates don’t expect to be able to control the phenomenon through regulation and bureaucracy.


This is not a conspiracy theory from the “extreme right”. This is what happens when you facilitate the arrival of tens of thousands of illegals. In the name of compassion, of siding with them.


A Machiavellian plan for the invasion

Now, since Obama’s 2nd term there’s been a concerted effort to maximize the number of minors crossing the border. This detailed timeline from 2014 shows how the Democrats planned and manufactured the unaccompanied minors crisis in order to push for a general amnesty for illegal aliens.
Amnesty was a desired outcome for a number of reasons, including the opportunity to import millions of future Democrat voters, but more importantly furthering the ideological undermining of the rule of law. We’ll get back to this puzzling objective in future articles.

The children were used as a tool. This was by design. When you expose the most vulnerable expect to obtain additional powers in order to help them.


In 2012 Obama launched a new program (through an executive order) called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This initiative guarantees that those illegal aliens that could credibly declare they entered the country as minors in somewhat recent years won’t risk deportation.

Law enforcement reports based on actual interviews of those apprehended at the border unsurprisingly found that DACA was perceived as a new, strong incentive, encouraging them to try and cross the US border.
The number of unaccompanied minors entering the country then skyrocketed through 2013 and 2014.
Once the crisis had been created Obama got an extra 3.7 billion added to the budget to deal with it; that’s how the Administration obtained discretionary money to spend on facilitating illegal immigration while circumventing the rules, since they couldn’t get a “comprehensive reform” approved by Congress.
(Which they couldn’t get, by the way, because the Republican were forced to backpedal at the very last minute on their plan to support amnesty due to pressure from the electorate: Eric Cantor, majority leader, lost the primary to an unknown contender, shocking the entire GOP…).


A victory for those who prefer compromise?

Trump’s reaction to the recent media storm: an executive order meant to reduce the impact of the problem by prioritizing the principle of avoiding family separation, unless there’s concern for the welfare of the minors involved.
In other words: as for the deterrent effect, now those who want to enter the country illegally know there’s a convenient opportunity to exploit. As for the risks for the children, now the default course of action in case of doubt becomes leaving alleged families together, which may cause a small increase in the number of children exploited.

But at least Trump has partially defused this attack. Or did he?

Since within certain circles moralizing and posturing have completely superseded any rational thinking, they’ll never recognize their mistakes; at most they may chalk this up as a battle they won over the evil orange racist wannabe dictator.

But of course winning a battle makes people even more belligerent.
Grievance-mongers will never be satisfied. Even if you were to accommodate all their requests they’d feel obliged to come up with something new.
Now they’re suggesting that America needs to abolish the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Of course.


A well rehearsed script. “Helping” just as Lampwick helped Pinocchio

The little girl that was used by Time as a symbol reminds us of the perverse nature of those crusades for “justice”.
I don’t think it’s entirely accidental: in that episode two distinct social issues are subsumed; two examples of new and novel social rights championed by the Left.
Today it’s the alleged need to emigrate.
A generation ago the false need for a fresh start: breaking up a marriage, taking the children with you and counting on the support of the state as a substitute caregiver.


We’ve witnessed the utter disaster created by “progress” last time, with an epidemic of broken families and unruly children raised in absence of a father. And yet most people won’t acknowledge the reality:  if you provide them with a parachute, you’re encouraging people to jump.

Wrong answers exacerbate problems, who’s surprised of that?

 More immigration means more instability, dis-integration of neighborhoods, cities and states; growing without roots brings about vulnerability.
 More illegal immigration (’cause of course we must always try to understand and justiy) means more crime. Where millions of otherwise law-abiding people (most migrants) are put in contact with gangs and may embrace the dark side.
 Pushing for the involvement of minors in this traffic means increased risks, suffering and deaths.


A teachable moment: the behavior of that mother from Honduras tells us that there’s little substance behind the “escaping from famine and wars” cliché.
No peril nor danger from the long trip through the desert defines their behavior: most of those who choose this path are acting impulsively, without assessing their actual risk/benefit ratio before leaving for their journey through lawlessness and barren lands.

The average economic migrant is leaving behind a decent life for the unreasonable hope to strike it big.
Most of them end up worse off, accomplishing less than what they could have built in their country and for their country. That’s how even graduates end up as dishwashers and janitors.


The root of the problem that is Leftist ideology needs investigating

From MS-13 to human traffickers, to using children as a get out of prison card… Those examples aren’t odd exceptions. They don’t pop up unannounced, in a vacuum.
The Left chooses to defend a number of evils in the name of the alleged greater good.

There’s a specific explanation underneath this attitude.
Ideas have their roots; a coherent choice that in this particular case seems pretty well concealed.
We’ll get back to this: I’ll present you with an interpretation that (to my knowledge) has never been suggested before.

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